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Single free RB number for cardholders

+375 29 199 76 42
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Evacuation round the clock throughout the RB
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Our service offers as soon as possible to move (evacuate) your car from any point of the Republic of Belarus to anywhere in the Republic of Belarus.

We work with individuals and legal entities.

Any form of payment.

In addition to the transport of passenger cars, SUVs, minivans, we have all the necessary equipment for quick and safe transportation of machinery weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.


Our advantages over its competitors:

  • Deadlines minimum order. Urgency of delivery provided by existing mobility tow.
    A professional team of experts who have a wealth of knowledge and possess unique skills in unlocking the wheels during the evacuation (eg all models of BMW (every year)).
    Smooth hydraulic platform tow, base up to 5 meters.
    Flexible prices. Individual approach, discounts on quantity transported (evacuated) cars.
    The ability to evacuate minibuses (maxi) and jeeps.


The evacuation of the town of 300 000 rubles.

Cost of evacuation may vary slightly depending on the weather, track conditions and the availability of tow trucks.


Name of service

The cost of services without VAT, BYR.,
of Minsk City

The cost of 1 km outside Minsk without VAT, BYR

The evacuation / transportation of the car (full loading)
up to 3.5 tons

 from 350 000

7 500

The evacuation / transportation minivans and SUVs (full loading)
up to 3.5 tons

from 400 000

7 500

The evacuation / transportation vans (full loading)
up to 3.5 tons

from 450 000

7 500


from 270 000

7 000

Special to 2 tons

from 350 000

7 000

Special from 2 to 3.5 tons

from 400 000

7 500

Supplies up to 3.5 tons (possibility of transport of metal)

from 300 000

7 000

Up to 5 km outside Minsk

by urban rates

Outside the Republic of Belarus (the CIS, Ukraine, the European Union)



An hour of downtime towing

from 100 000


For one wheel locked or locked behind the steering irrespective of the vehicle

from 80 000


Evacuation of the car with the broken body geometry, the extraction of the ditch, the evacuation of the other hard to reach areas, as well as the transportation of machinery, motorcycles, ATVs and other non-standard situations


Make a reservation: +375 29 199 76 42; +375 29 500 76 42. around the clock